Name: Cynthia Pouncey
Date Posted: 02:45, 08 01 2017

Name: Sherri bailey
Date Posted: 03:06, 10 07 2016
Message: Love checking in on QT Cheyenne Eagle. Some how she ended up on the East Coast at a horse auction and I bought her the day after Christmas. I called her Holiday! She was a 2 year old at the time and since I am not a good rider, I knew I had no business owning a two-year-old. I sold her back to Missy when she mentioned they would love to have her. She looks great. Glad she is doing wonderful.

Name: Lori
Date Posted: 01:14, 21 05 2016
Message: Got any quiet paint mares riding good in arena and out on trails. Sweet to be around. I am a experienced cutter but looking for a quiet ride to show paint shows western riding and trail ride too Thanks Lori

Name: Sherri bailey
Date Posted: 17:33, 28 01 2015
Message: Always watching your site. I bought QT Cheyenne when she was just a two year old at a horse sale in Pennsylvania. Sold her to Missy Benker. I loved her but since I am not a rider - she was too much horse for me. Hoping she is doing well - Sherri

Name: Claire Pope
Date Posted: 15:58, 21 11 2014
Message: Came calling. Jerry (shortened his name a little) was a cute baby! And the puppies are darling!!! I want one! At least I can tell more about what color he is and everything. Nice herd of horses you have.

Name: Sarabeth Jenkins
Date Posted: 15:47, 08 02 2014
Message: Looking for a homozygous stud to breed my APH mare to. I do not believe she is homozygous but I want a color foal out of her. Plenty of time waiting until she is 8-12 before I breed her and she is fixing to be 4. Love the site!! Beautiful Horses!!

Name: Jolene Cannon Rogers
Date Posted: 14:42, 14 07 2013
Message: we are looking for a homozygous mare or filly everything on the website looks awesome please call 903-724-6901

Name: Justin Law
Date Posted: 17:07, 16 02 2013
Message: Lookingforaminiaussiearoundapril

Name: Marilee Might
Date Posted: 12:58, 01 04 2012
Message: I am a great niece to Dale Wilkinson and knew the great Mr. Gun Smoke. I have a niece that is looking at studs and would like to have a Smoke fold. I told her that I would do some research. Great site and beautiful Smoke line. I will give her your information.

Name: Danielle Simpkins
Date Posted: 20:56, 16 11 2011
Message: Got my contract in the mail today. Looking forward to our very own Paintd by Gunsmoke baby in 2013. Now if we can just decide which mare to breed him to...

Name: Lin Ellis
Date Posted: 18:07, 19 09 2011
Message: Howdy, I'm a performance horse breeder, and saw your stallion on the FB stallion auction for the wildfire relief. I have bred a few Paints, and still have Paint mares, but have gotten disgusted with APHA, and stopped breeding them. I must say, your boy is just about nice enough for me to change my mind! And, love that he goes back to Mr Gun Smoke; I have a broodie w/him on her papers, too. Nice stallion!!!!

Name: Nikoe
Date Posted: 17:30, 10 08 2011
Message: Delta's Smokin Bullet
Not sure if this filly is for sale or not. Can you send me more info?

Name: the Eagles Ranch
Date Posted: 09:39, 08 06 2011
Message: Hi!! our e-mail is broke... but wanted to let you know that Horatio has become a dad from a beautiful Buckskin Tobiano filly!! big hug from us in the Netherlands

Name: Rebecca
Date Posted: 02:51, 10 04 2011
Message: I miss seeing my sexy boy (smoke). I hope to see a black and white paint baby in the future. I hope to be seeing Charlie soon too. Love you Jenifer.

Name: Fredrick Stone
Date Posted: 18:12, 24 01 2011
Message: I love you!!!

Name: the Eagles Ranch in the Netherlands
Date Posted: 07:51, 22 01 2011
Message: Hello! how are you?
just wanted to let you know that Hickorys Gunsmoke is having a nice time together with our other Homozyous stallion. He starts breeding in 2weeks, insite the Eagles Ranch pasture. Building the new Eagles Ranch is going wonderful! greetings from us in the Netherlands

Name: Jan Shavers
Date Posted: 08:54, 17 08 2010
Message: Just wanted to let you know that Paintd Prize son of Paintd by Gunsmoke and Pachie Prize is now in training in Natchitoches Old River Farms. Prize is such a pleasure to be around the trainer can not believe how smart he is and how eager he is to learn. Will keep you posted on his progress.

Name: Beverly Schreur
Date Posted: 14:30, 30 07 2010
Message: Pictures of the puppies are SO cute.. Looks like some twins in the bunch..

Name: Karen Maia
Date Posted: 15:08, 22 05 2010
Message: Jennifer,
Your website is wonderful!
I will definatly keep in touch with you, and would love to breed my Doc Oleana's Royal Ruby to your Paintd Gunsmoke sometime in the future.
Please try to stop by ansd see my "Moony" and "Flint".

Name: Dorothy Robertson
Date Posted: 18:59, 17 04 2010
Message: Lovely foal! Really like the sire a lot...need to talk with you about possible breeding at some point (probably 2011).

Name: Sharon Nelson
Date Posted: 00:38, 25 03 2010
Message: Hickory foaled a darling filly by Smoke on Monday! She is such an easy mare to foal, and what a strong, healthy filly!


Name: Dallas Edwards
Date Posted: 19:11, 03 01 2010
Message: To Tuff To Smoke aks "Tuffy" is ready to go to into training. Im so excited I get to finally ride a smoke baby and its MINE! Thank you Jen! He is such a pleasure to have. I couldnt have asked for a better personality! He has his daddys mane!

Name: lee davis
Date Posted: 16:29, 16 09 2009
Message: your stud is beautiful,.look forward to owning some of his get,..........see you soon,...........Lee

Name: Tracy Corley
Date Posted: 10:37, 28 08 2009
Message: Can I plz join the "I love Hickory" fan club?? Maybe just borrow her next season?? Love your website. Great pics!

Name: Beverly Schreur
Date Posted: 16:34, 26 08 2009
Message: This site is GREAT !!! Well Done..
Ok, so it is your Mother saying it...but it is really True... :)
Congrats & Best ya

Name: Tamela Van Kalsbeek
Date Posted: 23:08, 24 08 2009
Message: Gorgeous site my dear! Very impressive! Good Luck with it! :)

Name: Kristin Sanborn
Date Posted: 08:55, 18 08 2009
Message: Very nice website Jen. And of course, I love the part of it that has my Smoke baby, Watchmerockandwhoa!

Name: Cindy weller
Date Posted: 22:47, 17 08 2009
Message: Love the site!! your boy on the front page sliding is an awesome picture. Also love your Wanna be me mare,, gorgeous head, and she seems to pass that on to her foals!
Congrats on a job well done!

Name: Bill Bolinger
Date Posted: 00:04, 17 08 2009
Message: I like the layout of the site guys......great job

Name: Pecos
Date Posted: 09:57, 15 08 2009
Message: Love the new site Jenifer!!!!

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